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About Us

We are an experienced maid agency in Singapore and we strive to provide you with quality service dedicated to finding you a right helper for you and your family.

All Star Employment is a Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW) Employment Agency (EA) located in Singapore. 

At All Star Employment, we strive to provide professional service dedicated to finding you a helper that meets your requirements.

Our clients receive objective guidance from our team of qualified experts. All Star Employment aims to providing domestic helpers and employers with an efficient, effective and enjoyable staffing experience.

Our domestic helpers are mainly from Myanmar, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Philippines.

We mainly provide the following service:

  • Domestic worker employment

  • Transfer of domestic workers

  • Work permit renewal

  • Maid counseling

  • Maid insurance, lodging and transportation.

Vision, Mission & Core Values


The leader in foreign domestic helper employment.


A people-centred organisation serving employers through passion and expertise in foreign domestic helper employment, training and care.  

Core Values

Compassion - I treat everyone with kindness, respect and dignity - the way I want to be treated.

Integrity - I adhere to the highest standard of professional conduct and ethical behaviour.

Collaboration - I deal with diversity with an open mind and value contributions of all who are working together to achieve our common goals.

Choose The Right Helper For Your Family

Let us help you find a domestic helper who understand and meets your caregiving needs.


Talk to our friendly team today.

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