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At All Star Employment, we provide quality service to our customers throughout the domestic worker employment journey.


We proudly offer the following services:


We offer domestic helpers that are competent in doing housework and taking care of children and the elderly.


Work Permit Renewal

Renew your domestic helper's work permit with us.


Maid Counseling

We offer counseling services for maids that may require counseling and support.

Book a session with us today.


Maid Insurance

All maids from our agency are properly insured, to ensure they are covered in an accident or an emergency.


Maid Lodging

We provide lodging to our maids who just arrived from their home country and have yet commenced their employment in Singapore.



We provide transportation to our maids who just arrived from the airport to the employment agency.

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Transfer maids

At All Star, we make the maid transfer process simple and easy.

Book a session to transfer your maid today.

Choose The Right Helper For Your Family

Let us help you find a domestic helper who understand and meets your caregiving needs.


Talk to our friendly team today.

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